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linksys WRT610N geen volle snelheid

Discussie in 'Internet - Eigen netwerk' gestart door ultraspeed, 1 nov 2009.

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  1. Same problem here: I have the wrt610N and UBEE but this time with a laptop which CAN do 802.11n (Lenovo T500) and get the same results.

    For a second computer I bought the WUSB600N - exactly the same, no faster.

    Things improved a bit by manually setting the MTU to 1395 - but never got to 50mbit - except by connecting to the UBEE with a cable.

    Any more hints as to how to fix this?
  2. Connect you're pc with an UTP cable to the linksys router and test again.
    Even a 100 mbits wireless connection could slowdown a 50 mbits internet connection depending on the quality of the connection. Make sure that the connection is made in N mode.
    Consider upgrading the firmware of you're linksys.
  3. My idea too. I have the latest firmware in both (well as of a week ago, you know how fast these things update).
    I did both of these without an increase in speed. There's something funny (although I'm not laughing) going on between these two devices.
    By the way, I read Dutch - but nobody would take me seriously if I tried to write it... :-)
  4. Mesa57 - thank you - you were correct. I found the problem and now it appears fixed.

    I double checked and discovered that my 5Mhz "N" connection was actually set to "mixed" and another device in my network only has "G". I guess that means that all connections were running at "G" including, apparently, my laptop. I've now forced the 5mhz channel to ONLY run in "N" mode and now I get almost exactly the same speed as when cable connected... (48Mbit/4.6Mbit).
  5. Nice that you're problem is fixed.
    If you can read dutch you could also had found the answer in message #7 and #10 in this thread :rolleyes:
  6. :oops:
    Thanks again.
  7. Wat Mesa bedoelt is dat je alles op Wireless N moet houden wil je de hoogste snelheid bereiken,ik heb zelf ook de 610 van Linksys en inderdaad heeft die 2 wireless netwerken.
    Op 54 Mbit gaat 50 Mbit snelheid niet lukken maar je kunt wel gewoon internetten.
  8. Correct.

    And if this is not set up properly, the G users on your network will slow down the N users on the same channel - I had this problem which meant I could not achieve 50Mbit through to internet.

    You essentially end up with 2 access points visible - the 5mhz N will be exclusively for N - and should run MUCH faster. Mine does...
  9. Maar de WRT610N is een Gbit router, dus zolang je netwerkkaart dat aan kan, moet het geen probleem zijn. Zelfs met USB G Stick haalt ie de volledige 50Mbit/s hier. En ja, het voordeel van de WRT610N is dat ie simultaan 2.4 en 5 Ghz draait.

  10. Zo zie je maar dat iedereen wisselende waardes krijgt,

    Ik kreeg met de WRT610N die ik voor mijn DIR-885 had met een linksys 54G adapter een max van rond de 32Mbit/sec
    Met een DIR-885 haalde ik 39Mbit/sec

    Nu haal ik met een DIR 885 en Linksys WUSB600N haal ik 48.7Mbit

    Er zit dus verschil in.... alle waarden met de router en netwerkadapters in de zelfde ruimte en met elkaar in het zicht. (+/- 2.5 meter tussen de apparaten.
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