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HDTV Vantage 8000C

Discussie in 'Digitale TV - Irdeto ontvangers' gestart door mark.doe, 30 aug 2009.

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  1. Hello Guys,

    excuses that I am writing in english, but my dutch is not that good.
    you could answere in dutch, if you have problems answering in english.
    Thats maybe why I am doing a kind of double post - but I didnt find a useful answere to my problem by searching the forum.

    I moved 4 Months ago to Limburg and took the Ziggo Alles-in-een-Plus abonnement.
    Last month I put HDTV optie ontop of it and ordered a brand new Receiver:
    HDTV Vantage 8000c.

    Using a frequentie list for Network ID 1111 I could finally set up ALL Channels.
    He shows me even @Home, Metakabel and other Networks.
    Firmware upgrade wasnt a problem at all.
    This PVR is awsesome.

    But now I got stuck - he is NOT decrypting Ziggos with Firecrypt encrypted Channels.
    He says "Smartcard plugged in" and recognizes it as Irdeto CA.:grin:
    Yah..., but nothing more.
    But in menu "Available entitlements" it says: "Card is not subcribed"


    btw... putting it back into the bad Humax 9200 all works flawless and perfect - but no HD

    What is the problem? What are the next steps to solve this?

    Thank you guys
  2. Hi again,

    I heard now, that for Ziggo an AlphaCrypt module is noodzakelijk... Is this the right track?

    Are there other Cryptmodules I could use to decrypt Multicabel as well?

  3. That's right, but an alphacrypt module is not supported by ziggo....

    So, it is possible it won't work in a few years.

  4. hmmm... oh god

    dreambox and vantage use same modules, or not? Arent there ppl using dreambox with ziggo?
    so what possibility (which modules?) is out there to watch ziggo with Vantage HDTV 8000c?
  5. See the following message:

    According to that user you need another firmware version for support of the Irdeto Conditional Access System (CAS). It is also possible that your smartcard is too old for that firmware version with Irdeto CAS support.
  6. sounds reasonable...

    Thank you ArChie - I let you know.
  7. A dreambox uses a softcam (cccam) instead of a module and works fine with Ziggo.

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