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Alles-in-1 extra TV package

Discussie in 'Digitale TV - Algemeen' gestart door Skem, 20 mrt 2009.

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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm sorry, but my dutch sucks too much to write in your language, so, sorry but i'll do it in english :(

    So here's my problem: I subscribed to the alles-in-1 extra package so months ago (so nornally, the maximum package available) and i was very satisfied: fats connection, phone and all the TV channels.

    But yesterday during the night, nothing anymore on TV, error E19! I called the customer support and asked WTF was happening. They told me that my smartcard wasn't registered....ok....the guy transmit the phone connection to one of his colleague, i wait another 20mn and finally his colleague answer, ask me the usual questions, tell me he gonna reactivate my card but ask me which package i want....i tell him that i have the Alles-in-1 Extra, so that that normally i have all the channel. He tells me that no, i should pay for the film / sport / whatever channels. I insist a bit, thinking he understood that i had the alles-in-1 basic but no, he keeps telling me that i have to pay for extra channel.

    I logon the website and....yes, i see that APPARENTLY, now the pay channels are in some special package....but i'm totally sure that 2 months ago, when i checked the website, there was all the channel in the list of the alles-in-1 extra package!

    So what is this? is it me who sucks too much in dutch and i didn't understood that these channels were just for 3 months? Or did they made a sneaky change in the package offer?!

    Anyway, i'm really disapointed :(

    (PS: oh and sorry if my post is not in the right section, but as i already started, i don't speak dutch yet :-/ )
  2. "alles-in-één-Extra" is the fastest internet+phone+digital-TV package.
    The "extra" is just the internet speed and free on-net telephone-calls.

    The digital-TV package is the same for all 'alles-in-1' packages, it has always been like that.

    The reason why you had all channels for free is that there was an administrative problem with smart-card registration a few months ago. During that period all unregistered smartcards could view all channels, but that was not a normal situation. Normally this 'free-view' period should only last for about 2 weeks after you start using the smartcard for the first time. In this 2 week period, you have to register your smartcard. Without any extra TV-package you will have 30 analog and 60 digital TV-channels. For the other channels you have to pay (see the Ziggo website)
  3. When you subscribe to a 'alles-in-1-extra' package, you have, i believe, a two months period in which you have all available digital tv-station (without the pay-tv, like sport-1 and film-1).
    When you don't fill in the registration form on which you can say what abonnement you want for digital tv, after these two months you just have the basic digital tv-stations
  4. Ha ok, thanks for your explanation guys! :)

    ...but still, i was hopping that for such a high monthly fee, i would have got all the channels :(

    Too bad....but thanks again ;)
  5. The fee is mainly for internet speed. If you would have the cheapest/slowest "Alles-in-1" package it would cost you 39.95 for the same number of TV channels. (see here)
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