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How to make Ziggo internet finally relocated?

Discussie in 'Ziggo - Algemeen' gestart door ZiggoExpat, 20 feb 2009.

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  1. Sorry for using English here but I am better in it than in Dutch (I know most of you will have no problem with it).

    I am looking for some advice how to make Ziggo to relocate my cable internet. I moved 3 months ago to the new address in Maastricht. When I enter my post code on the Ziggo pages it returns that the service is not available there. However, I learned that Ziggo is the company responsible for cable in Maastricht and after tedious discussion with their customer service, they said that they will transfer request to the technical department as some technical change is needed. The house is new so I assume the cable is there and the change must be done somewhere on the switchboard only.

    Problem I am encountering is that even though they made promises to relocate it nothing actually happened. I urged them many times but Ziggo always ask for another 2 weeks for that and that's about it. I am getting really frustrated by having no chance to influence it and also by the vague answers I am getting from Ziggo.

    Would someone explain how the whole thing is organized and what may prevent Ziggo to enable cable internet in my place?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. You assume there is cable at the new house, but you do not know for sure? Is there a connection in the house for cable? If not, then i can imagine they have problems to relocate it to your new house.

  3. That's correct, I do not know for sure. But I would be surprised it is not as the house is new and all neighboring houses, which were part of the same development project, have Ziggo available.
    Also, when I switch the TV on I have 30+ Ziggo analog channels (though I do not pay for them...). I would guess I would not have them if the cable is not in the ground.
    And if the cable is eventually not there who is in charge of it? From what I was able to understand in Maastricht is should be the Ziggo again.
  4. You can send a letter here to change your address:

    Postbus 43048
    3540 AA Utrecht

    PS. Maybe one of the employee's of Ziggo, which are active on this forum, is willing to help you out ?
  5. You say the house is new. How "new" is new?
  6. My guess would be 6 years.....

    Anyway, the story continued this week and had somewhat happy ending though I fell embarrassed for my technical ignorance too.

    I had another 30 minutes call with the Ziggo customer service. ("Yes, I have called several times already. Yes, you did tried this last time and that also. Yes, I have my modem moved with rest of my stuff. No, please do not file another service request with technical department, you tried twice and it did not help...")
    At last they put me through a guy that seemed to care. I made him to test my neighbors house and the one over too. He admitted that I must be on the same network segment same amplifier and sent technician. Technician was available next day (!) and arrived on time (!). He tried few tricks and found out the problem was with how the house splitter was wired. It seems that previous tenant must have played with that and did not put things back in order.

    Hosana! I have working internet now. :)

    The address on invoice is still old one though and if you check the house number it still reply "Niet beschikbaar" but who cares. Thank you you all, guys, who tried to help!
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