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Discussie in 'Analoge TV - Algemeen' gestart door adelron99, 6 jan 2009.

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  1. Hi.

    Could you please let me know 2 things:

    - is it still possible in the NL to catch analog TV's with an analog antenna (this small type that you connect to TV)... smth like this: http://www.pixmania.nl/nl/nl/546564/art/tnb/gemotoriseerde-tv-fm-tnt.html

    even with low quality

    - if I have to subscribe a very basic and cheap abonement with ziggo (i need just few channels, I'm not a tv addicted and I don't need all these digital channels) which one shall I choose?

    thanks a lot for your feedback

  2. 1: no

    2: get digitenne from kpn for just € 7.50 a month.

  3. Analog broadcasting ceased to exist in 2007 in favor of digital broadcasting (DVB-T). This is called Digitene: http://www.digitenne.nl
    (You'd need a small indoor antenna, or (if reception is bad, but probably not in Leiden), an outdoor antenna.

    Ziggo's cheapest offer is Z1 tv: http://www.ziggo.nl/producten/televisie/
    This includes analog and digital tv (will need a decoder for digital) for €16,25.
    This will get you about 30 analog channels and/or 60 digital ones.
  4. And basic cable from Ziggo will cost you €16.25 a month, then you get around 30 analog channels or 60 digital channels

    Digital ether TV for € 7.50 will give you 21 channels.

    No analog ether TV in NL anymore.

    [oops, je was me voor :) ]
  5. thanks a lot to everyone for the kind replies !

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