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Need help AB IPBOX 9000 HD plus?

Discussie in 'Digitale TV - Irdeto ontvangers' gestart door mj13young, 30 nov 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    English speaker here, sorry. I moved to the Netherlands, and I am a Ziggo subscriber. I currently have a Humax IR fox C. I would like to buy an AB IPBOX 9000 HD plus. The box supports IRDETO decryption, per the literature.

    Will this work? Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Any help or advice is appreciated
  2. Ziggo only supports the settop decoders they advertise on their website.
  3. Probably not. Ziggo uses a small modification to the Irdeto standard which makes it impossible for standard Irdeto receivers to pick up a channel. There has been much discussion about this on this forum but, unfortunately for you, in Dutch.
    You'll have to use a Ziggo certified STB or give it a go with a receiver with a CAM slot and a Alphacrypt module. (Although there is word going 'round this will be made impossible in the futute by Ziggo).
  4. Are there many users using cam modules?
  5. Only Ziggo knows :wink:. Hundreds, 2 or 3 thousand, more? I really don't know. Ziggo has about 1.000.000 digital viewers. ( 3.000 would make 0.3%) Don't expect they put much effort in supporting that number of customers...
    Depends on how brave you are and how much you have to spend...
  6. Hello,

    (Also an expat English-speaking here).

    Has anyone tried yet any of the IPBBOX 9000HD Plus, QBox HD or AZBOX HD with Ziggo and can comment on the results?

    I've seen an IP-Box 9000HD with DVB-C included available in Germany for 550 Euro:

    I'm still not decided though if to go with IPBOX, AZBOX or wait for QBox to become available.

    Best regards,
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