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Encrypted signal since yesterday!

Discussie in 'Digitale TV - Algemeen' gestart door Cedric, 1 nov 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    First off I would like to appologies for writing this in english but my dutch really is horrible so I will spare you the pain ^^

    I was wondering if anyone has this problem; Untill 2 days ago the signal was horribly bad on most channels... I would sometimes get lost signals or disrupted signals making it impossible to watch many channels.

    I then lost signal on a few channels about 4 days ago including the national geography HD. This was then shortly followed 2 days ago with all the channels now saying that the signal is encripted.

    My postcode is 2545.

    Furthermore I have tried contacting ziggo through their phoneline but without any sucess... After being hung up upon without even getting an answer 3 times I am now coming on this forum to ask for help ><
  2. Reset

    Did you try to reset your box?
    It seems there have been problems in your area, but they should be solved by now.

  3. It is now the 17th and I am still having those problems.

    Ziggo never seems to answer the phone and I am still paying for a service I am NOT getting. ><

    PS: I have restarted the decoder a few times already and even removed the card / put it back in with no success.
  4. Well, if the signal is encrypted, there is no active subscription and no billing...

    About the encryption problem: As subscribing by phone does not seem to be possible, try subscribing by https://www.ziggo.nl/bestellen/?p_bestel=1&p_scenarioid=TVZ2SMAREG (you might need to ask a dutch speaking person to help with the dutch form).

    About the earlier signal problems: Most of these problems are caused by inferior in-house cabling. The Ziggo HFC network is shielded from interference from other signals. NG HD is in a frequency that is very vulnerable for interference so a smal problem in your cables and connectors does show up at this channel.

    Try to connect your STB to the main outled with a coax cable as short as possible. If you still see signal problems, contact customer support.
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