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Some questions...

Discussie in 'Ziggo - Algemeen' gestart door araspitfire, 22 okt 2008.

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  1. Sorry this is in English, but my Dutch is not good enough yet to do this in your language.

    I am recently moving from casema/wanadoo to Ziggo all-in-one and it's been a mess to say the least. 3 tries at getting my channels to stay, and 3 tries to get my phone number transferred to Ziggo...

    It's not helped by the ever growing wait times on their pay for help-line system...:no:

    Part of the mess has resulted in my being sent another cable-modem and a form requesting I return the old one to a Postbus in Waddingxveen. The new cable-modem is exactly the same as the old (2 months old) one... so I am thinking I would just return the new one so waste is minimised... I'd like to drop it off to save mail costs. Is this possible?

    Thanks for any help given.

  2. hello,
    dont send your new cable modem. cause this one is provisioned for your new contract. connect the new modem at the date described at your contract.
    save the old modem a couple of months.
    after 1 year, when nobody ask for, you can drop it in the waistcan.

    sometimes you shouldnt think of what is better/best. just do what is described at the paper/manual.

    goodluck with all the troubles.

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