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Discussie in 'Internet - Algemeen' gestart door timmymagic, 20 sep 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    How long does it normally take for the upgrade to come through?

    For example, I upgraded from 1.6 to 12.0, how long does it take before I notice the speed?

  2. Maybe you should reboot the modem every hour or 2 hours... it will load a new profile for your new speeds. Then you'll notice the difference in speed.
  3. Usually it will take up to 48 hours before the upgrade will come through.
  4. It has been three days now, is this normal?

    In the UK it takes maybe 5 minutes and a modem reboot for the upgrade to come through, maybe it was not upgraded properly?
  5. Just call them again to check.
    Normally you should receive a confirmation by letter after a couple of days. Then after a modem reboot the new speed should be there. Did you reboot your modem ? (by switching power off and on, not by the standby-button if there is one on the modem)

    Did you check the "mijn ziggo" part of the ziggo site ? There you can see all your products and see if they have upgraded it already. (login with the first part of your main email adress -before the @-sign- with the password of that emailaccount)
  6. Appears you need postcode/house number which would be easier for normal people, buit having just moved in I have no idea what my post code is!

    Will give it a go when I get home

    Yes - I have been regularly rebooting the modem by taking the power cable out. I've left it off over night a couple of times too, so plenty of time for the upgrade to kick in!
  7. Postcode is only used to check if you are in the "not-yet-migrated-part of the @Home network". Just fill in a postcode of any adress in your town. (use the phone-directory http://detelefoongids.nl or google to find)

    After the postcode check you will get the normal login-screen.
  8. Hi, thanks for the help

    Unfortunately, it will not let me sign in. My e-mail account is @casema.nl, not ziggo :(

    Is there a separate site for casema?
  9. No, there are not yet any @ziggo.nl email adresses issued.
    I think you have to login with the part of the email-adress before the @-sign. So if your main email-adress is timmymagic@casema.nl then the login-name is just "timmymagic" and password is the password of your main email-adress. If that does not work, then maybe you have to make a new account as you are a new ziggo member ?

    In that case better call the helpdesk and ask them if your upgrade is active already.
  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the help

    I tried logging in but was unable to

    I then phoned support and was told I would have to wait two weeks before I can upgrade, something to do with not being on the system yet?! Is this true? Sounds a bit strange to me!
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