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Problem with linksys befw11s4

Discussie in 'Internet - Eigen netwerk' gestart door deeveedee, 25 feb 2003.

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  1. During the last month I worked fine with my linksys connected via the motorola sb4200 surfboard. Since yesterday morning my linksys jumps into diagnostic mode at very frequent intervals.

    I interchanged cables, PC's, and even another linksys box. I followed the standard setup rules. The problem is permanent. I even checked the linksys box with one of my friends and there it worked fine.

    Anyone else has this problem since yesterday? I really feel that Quicknet changed some settings which can not be handled by linksys.

    The box works ok without the internetcable. As soon the cable is connected (even after resetting modem and linksys) the problem reoccurs

    I am really desperate to understand what is going on here. Any help will be appreciated
  2. I don't have any clue what makes you're linksys jump to diagnostic mode. Did you try you're internetconnection without the router? If this isn't working either (reset you're cablemodem to refresh the MAC address!), you should contact Multikabel about this...
  3. Thanks for your reply. Multikabel solved my problem. Had to do with modem settings. It's now working like it did before. Great.
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